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The Glam Guide

You're looking for something glam, but also natural, but something soft, but that also makes your eyes pop -- all at the same time. At this point, you're totally lost. Well, you've come to the right place! We wanted to create a guide for our clients to help steer them in the right direction! We are calling this "The Glam Guide" -- all things related to makeup "styling", if you will.

These looks are all interchangeable! Keep in mind that you can always add the following elements to each style:

  • Highlight & Contouring - think Kim K., where her skin is picture perfect and her facial structure is more defined and sculpted.

  • Winged Liner - depending on your eyeshape and your personally preferences, a winged liner can always be added to any one of these looks to emphasize your eye shape and give you a more "feline" look

  • Lashes - all of our appointments come with false lash application. Based on your preferences, the last can range from natural to dramatic and will be customized to your eye shape and size!

Now let's get to some examples and classifications of makeup styles:


A classic or natural look will give you just the right amount of makeup to emphasize all of your natural features, without looking or feeling like you have too much makeup on. Examples from our portfolio below would classify as a classic/natural look:

Soft Glam

Take it up a notch with soft glam. A soft glam look will include all of the elements of a natural look with some added "UMPH" on the eyes, lips, or face (including a little extra highlighting and contouring). Examples of a soft glam look from our portfolio is included below:

Dramatic or Smokey

Dramatic looks or smokey looks are usually accompanied by natural or nude lips to emphasize the eyes. This includes shadows that are usually darker on the outer corner of the eye, which is usually better for evening events since they tend to show up better in photos. Examples from our portfolio below would classify as a dramatic/smokey looks:

Cut Crease

A cut crease look is a very popular trend in the makeup world right now. The artist will usually add a light base to the lid of the eye to shape out the lid space. These looks are usually accompanied by a glittery or metallic shadow on the lid, but can also be easily done with all matte shadows. This gives a lot of definition to the eyes! An example from our portfolio below would classify as a cut crease look:

Bold Lip

Any of the previous looks can be accompanied with a bold lip color for more a dramatic look. An example from our portfolio below would classify as a bold lip looks:


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