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About Marwa

Growing up, Marwa always watched her mother apply her makeup and was mesmerized at how beautiful she always looked. When she was finally old enough to play with makeup, she would always experiment with new products and finally found what worked best for her. She fell in love with the creative freedom and decided to turn her hobby into a career. Marwa worked first as a makeup artist and beauty consultant for Tom Ford. She is currently in school to become a nurse along with working as a medical assistant in a dermatology office. Luckily for Marwa, dermatology and cosmetics go hand in hand. She has learned a lot about skin care and the importance of achieving healthy skin before the makeup application.


What is it about doing makeup that excites you the most? 


The final look. When my clients look in the mirror and instantly feel amazing. I love seeing how makeup can be an instant confidence booster and how it brings out one’s inner beauty.

Favorite look to do on yourself and clients?

My go to look is clean and bronzy. I cannot live without a winged liner. The J-lo glow is my inspiration always.

Why did you choose to work with Evine Beauté?

Working with Christine and Eva is great. Learning from them, what their brand represents, and the positivity they bring to peoples lives is inspiring. At the end of the day, it is not just about makeup, Evine makes people feel beautiful from within on their special day.

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About Lilly

As a child, Lilly was much more interested in "tomboy" activities and never found much interest in cosmetics. However in high school, she became fascinated with YouTube makeup tutorials and would spend hours watching and absorbing as much as she could from them. This ultimately led to her new-found passion and appreciation for makeup artistry. Lilly's first job in the makeup industry was for MAC Cosmetics. She then worked for Sephora and is now an artist with Evine Beauté. Her favorite part of what she does is helping her clients achieve a look that enhances their natural features! Lilly is currently studying to attend law school within the next year and is graduating from George Mason in December. 


What is it about doing makeup that excites you the most? 

Being able to teach my clients something new. Whether that be a new technique, educating them about their skin type, or just  giving them some product recommendations!  Not only am I a makeup artist, but I am also a beauty consultant so I love sharing my knowledge with my clients in an attempt to make their everyday “getting ready” process easier!

What is your favorite look to do on yourself and clients?

 I’m known for doing soft glam looks that enhance my client’s existing features as opposed to covering them. I love when my clients still feel and look like themselves with just a little additional glow. Similarly to how I do makeup on my clients, I love doing very natural soft glam on myself as well.

Why did you choose to work with Evine Beauté?

Evine Beauté is very unique in the sense that the founders are truly passionate about what they do. They are some of the most hardworking women I know and it is vividly displayed in their work. Working with Evine Beauté is something I don't even consider a job because of how fun and inclusive the environment is.

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About Jenny

Ever since Jenny can remember, she has always had love for makeup and color. As a young child, her mother would hand her down old makeup products and she would spend hours trying to do her makeup just like her. The older she got the more passionate she became. Before she knew it, she was doing makeup on all of her friends and family! She is currently looking to become an Esthetician to expand her knowledge even further in the beauty industry. She feels as though she was put on this Earth to make people feel beautiful and that is what she is destined to do!


What is it about doing makeup that excites you the most? 

The transformation! I love making people feel beautiful and seeing their reaction! Knowing that I made someone feel like they are on top of the world is an amazing feeling!

What is your favorite makeup look to do on yourself and your clients?


I love doing more glam and bronzy looks on myself and my clients. I also love to define brows because I believe it shapes the whole face!


Why did you choose to work with Evine Beauté?


The energy and support they give me is something I can't explain. In this industry, it is hard to find people that are as passionate about makeup as they are about educating others. They care so much about their clients and always make sure the work environment is fun and relaxing for everyone.

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About. Vanessa


Performing arts has been a huge part of Vanessa’s life ever since she could remember. She grew an interest for beauty and cosmetics while doing her own hair and makeup for every performance. She was in school for theatre until she got a job at MAC, which changed her path completely. She loves art in all forms, but makeup artistry has always felt natural to her. Vanessa enjoys watching movies and afternoon runs when she’s not consumed with youtube beauty videos trying to learn new things. She’s currently an office coordinator for a plastic surgery center and is working towards making her dream of becoming a full-time makeup artist come true!


What is it about doing makeup that excites you the most? 

Being able to connect with people and match their makeup to their personality! I always want to collaborate with my clients to create their visions. This makes the experience different each time for both me and the client and that is super exciting to me!

What is your favorite makeup look to do on yourself and your clients?


I always feel the most confident with a soft smokey eye, a winged liner, feathery brows and super dewy skin. I also find this look to be universally flattering on all different skin tones and types so it is what I tend to encourage my clients to go with!


Why did you choose to work with Evine Beauté?


Evine Beaute features some of the most incredible women I know. Our unique blend of cultures is one of the many reasons that makes this team so special. Our founders are truly gifted and skilled in their craft, but beyond that, their compassion and drive is what creates such an amazing energy to work with!

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